On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur


Tattoo of a heart, surrounded by the words:

L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux

In the middle of the heart, an (allseeing) eye inside some geometric shape.



  • anatomical (human) heart
  • only outlines and some veines
  • outlines must be drawn in a sketchy kind of way
  • if possible – make outlines that look like scars
  • preferably some blood dribbing from the side

in case of scars: black and red
* otherwise: some polka trash style and/ or brushstrokes


  • not too many details ➔ preferably something in old-school style
  • mainly black – no colors or just a few to accentuate some features (eyecolor maybe?)
  • eye is inside a circle which seems to be part of the heart – like a cut-out – allso sketchy like drawn



Beyond Wonderland


Also Inez Janiak (Facebook | Instagram) has some G R E A T sketchy style tattoos!


How will all those different styles (sketchy/ polka trash + old-school + typography) be combined?

As fas as the typography is concerned, I think the first two fonts are a little bit to calligraphic, as for the sketchy-trashy heart they are about to frame. Maybe I will find some other fonts looking a little bit rougher to match with the tattoo.

Things I have learned today #15032016

What is the best voltage for liner machine and shader machine

[…] In general, 8-10 volts for line work (higher voltage) & 6-8 volts for shade work (lower voltage). General rule is a nickel’s thickness for shading and a dimes thickness for line work. From there you will experiment on those and adjust them to fit your skill and needs. Really it depends on your machine type (rotary or coil), bigger needle groupings (uses more power), how much needle throw you have (1/16th inch or more) & skill of the artist. […]

— http://www.tattoodiy.com/news/what-is-the-best-voltage-for-liner-machine-and-shader-machine-a-16.html