Things I have learned today #15032016

What is the best voltage for liner machine and shader machine

[…] In general, 8-10 volts for line work (higher voltage) & 6-8 volts for shade work (lower voltage). General rule is a nickel’s thickness for shading and a dimes thickness for line work. From there you will experiment on those and adjust them to fit your skill and needs. Really it depends on your machine type (rotary or coil), bigger needle groupings (uses more power), how much needle throw you have (1/16th inch or more) & skill of the artist. […]



Things I have learned today #09032016

After an exhausting night, where I was mostly kept awake by my mother’s monologues while sleeping, my day started pretty much – well – crappy.  It was one of these days where I have to keep myself from jumping on somebody’s throat and suck his blood out!

Well however, I guess it is true what they say:

[…] your mood is elevated and your stress is reduced if you plaster a big smile on your face, even for a short period of time. (Frowns have been shown to have the opposite effect.) The smile doesn’t have to be based on real emotion – faking it works.

— from

But this was not my lesson for today – although I won’t deny that it is a pretty good lesson!

So this is my lesson for today:

Even the top specialists in some field, sometimes do not know it all!

Things I have learned today #08032016

I do not know what I want, when it comes to which career path I want to follow.

Isn’t this great??? *irony-off*

I went for a job interview today (Ippen Digital). The only positive thing was the lesson which was brought to me today:

There are other people too, who get bored quite easily in their jobs and need to be challenged constantly.

So we are not alone! There is still hope for us fitful and inconstant souls out there!

——– beeeeeeeeeep