Great to have you here!

I am a nerdy young girl in my early 30s working for a fairly large web-hosting, internet and telephone service provider in Munich, Germany.
So yeah, I do speak German – and even Greek, as my parents are Greek and moved to Germany many years before I was even born.
Still, I prefer to write most of my thoughts in English (even though I make a few mistakes here and there) as I feel I can express myself better in English than in German.
If you want to read any text in German or in Greek, please feel free to ask for a translation of my blog-entries! I am very interested to make your reading experience as comfortable as possible!

Since my early childhood I’ve developed a great love for art, but have never pursued it seriously, as I was convinced of never being able to provide for my dependents working in the art business – stupid me…

Even though my job is great – easy going, great opportunities and great colleagues – I cannot see myself working forever for some corporation, being nothing more than a teeny-tiny-small cog in a big wheel. This is not the way I want to lead my life – working 9 to 5 waiting for retirement!

Right now I dare to dream big and I am hoping to become established in the tattooing business some day. This is why I am doing much research, getting inspiration from various topics and trying to find my own style to transmit it later in my tattoo designs.

So there you go – this is me, living a double life between hitting the keyboard and trying to find a way to start make a living out of my passion.
I invite you to take a peak at my well-ordered chaotic world.
Have fun 😊

In case you are wondering who Ivy is: Ivy is my little doggy’s name.
Also, it is the first letters of each of my first and last name (I.V.) – hence the nickname.


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