Herman Hesse – Der Steppenwolf

The first time I held Herman Hesse’s “Der Steppenwolf” in my hands and ‘tried’ to read it, was about 5 years ago. After just a few pages I gave up and put the book aside, planning to get back to it and read it, when “the time was right”, not knowing then, when this might be *.

A few years passed – in the meantime I had split up with my then boyfriend, had gone through some lousy relationships here and there and was more of a nervous wreck than a normal functioning person. This was the time, when the book fell right back into my hands and I literally binge-read it in a few days. Indeed that was the right time to read that book!

I still love the “Steppenwolf” and although when I recently tried to read the book again I was not able to dig into it like the last time (let alone finish it!) it is my all time favourite classic. I am even planning a big “Steppenwolf” tattoo on my right thigh, to remind me that no matter how many personalities might make me a whole, they are all still a part of me!

Searching after an iterpretation of “Der Steppenwolf” I stumbled upon following PDF:

Der Steppenwolf und die moderne Psychologie – von Reinhard Munzert

The fact that Hesse emphasizes the many facets of a person’s personality (which might even be much more than two!) shows, that no matter how contradictory they might seem, they still don’t have to exclude but might even complete each other!

* A friend of mine who was also very into literature and reading, told me once, that each book has its own time. He was so right!


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